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$736 million = Workers' Compensation Paid for Serious Claims in 2018-19 for Work Related Mental Health Conditions

Business Essentials Program - Maturity Level 1

Running a business is hard. There’s so much to do and it can be tough to know where to start or which practices are best for your company.

You’re not alone. A lot of businesses feel this way. In fact, according to a study by the Harvard Business Review, only 1 in 5 companies have a well-defined strategy.

The Business Essentials Program is the answer. Our comprehensive framework will help you assess your business practices and improve performance using best practice principles. Plus, our digital library of tools and resources will make it easy for you to put these practices into action.


How it Works

🔥   ALL PROGRAMS include access to a digital library of amazing tools & resources   🔥

This Program Includes

  • 8 Components
  • Smart Self Assessment
  • Risk Report: High-Med-Low
  • Remediation Recommendations
  • Digital Library of Resources
  • 24/7 Access: Mobile & TV

Optional: Program Review & Certificate of Assessment​

Program Components


Plan your work, then work your plan.


Money matters, and so does getting paid.

Human Resources

Your people are everything. Make sure they know it and treat them accordingly.


It’s never been more important to got your i’s and cross your t’s.

Risk Management

Mitigate risk to power growth. It’s your reputation on the line.


It’s an uber connected and fast paced world, driven by tech & productivity.


History is littered with those who failed to innovate. Don’t be the next #kodak or #nokia.


It takes a lot to thrive in this modern global economy. Are your eyes on the prize?

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