Carbon Accounting
Is it worth the investment?

Understand the evolving landscape of sustainability and climate-related financial disclosures, its impact on clients and determine if it's right for you.

Assess, Report, Review & Decide... to Power Growth 🚀

Carbon Accounting Assessment

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, where sustainability and environmental impact are front of mind, the role of accountants is expanding. Carbon accounting is becoming an necessary skill, not just an optional expertise. Understanding the value of carbon accounting is essential when deciding if it should be on your horizon and worth the investment.  

This assessment helps accountants diagnose and determine the significance of investing the rime and resources in carbon accounting. Hint… it’s not just about compliance! It’s about helping clients leverage sustainability strategies, to set themselves apart from the competition. 

Businesses, big and small, are preparing for this change. Accountants and advisors play a crucial role in this, helping businesses find better, greener ways to work.

The Carbon Accounting Assessment Program provides the tools to decide if carbon accounting and climate-related financial disclosures are for you. Supported by a library of resources and partner marketplace, we take the pain out of carbon accounting.

How it Works

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This Program Includes

  • 4 Components
  • FREE Smart Self Assessment
  • FREE Risk Report: High-Med-Low
  • Action Management Module
  • Digital Library of Resources
  • 24/7 Access: Mobile & TV

Optional: Program Review & Certificate of Assessment​

Program Modules

1. Client Impact and Industry Dynamics

How changes in environmental rules and the "need for green" affect your clients. Understand if these clients are in industries that use a lot of energy or have to follow strict environmental laws, and how this impacts the accounting services they need.

2. Market Trends and Growth Requirements

Explore how the demand for services related to environmental reporting and green business practices is growing. It's about seeing the big picture of how businesses are becoming more focused on sustainability and how this creates new opportunities for accountants to offer specialised services.

3. Internal Capabilities and Strategic Alignment

Assess your firms skills, knowledge and ability to provide services in environmental accounting. It's about whether you can adapt your business strategies to include these new services, keeping up with market changes and client needs.

4. Client Engagement & Education

How you talk to your clients about environmental issues and the importance of sustainability. It involves teaching clients how it affects their business, and helping them understand the benefits of tracking and reducing their environmental impact.