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CYBER games

The Cyber Games Challenge gamifies a 10 Stage Cyber Security learning framework of international best practice standards for employees, members and stakeholders, and make it fun along the way.  Each stage has a short video and infographic, followed by a short assessment to make sure they weren’t asleep at the wheel. 

A certificate of completion is provided to all who complete the challenge, which can be revisited annually for businesses in need of visible cyber training records.  For businesses who really want to incentive participation, we recommend offering a prize.  #ipad? 

How it Works

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Challenge Components

Cyber Security Basics

Knowing the cyber security basics and putting them in practice will help you protect your business and reduce the risk of a cyber attack.

NIST Framework

You may have heard about the NIST cyber security framework, but what exactly is it? And does it apply to you?

Physical Security

Lapses in physical security can expose sensitive company data to identify theft, with potentially serious consequences.


It looks legitimate – but with one click on a link, or one download of an attachment, everyone is locked out of your network.


It seems to be from one of your company’s vendors and asks that you click on a link to update your business account. Should you click?

Email Imposters

A scammer sets up an email address that looks like it’s from your company. The scammer is what we call a business email impostor.

Tech Support Scams

You get a phone call, pop-up, message or email telling you there’s a problem with your computer, but often scammers are behind these.

Vendor Security

Your business vendors may have access to sensitive information, make sure they are securing their own computers and networks.

Email Authentication

Email authentication technology makes it a lot harder for a scammer to send phishing emails that look like they’re from your company.

Securing Remote Access

Employees and vendors may need to connect to your network remotely, so make them follow strong security standards before they connect.

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