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  1. Creating Safer Environments
  2. Providing Continuous Improvement
  3. Regulatory Compliance
  4. Peace of Mind

Certified By helps managers, nurses, care workers, allied professionals & associated suppliers better manage quality assurance.

On one side… automated online programs for businesses to self assess, report, remediate and certify to best practice standards.

On the other side… “Powered By” dedicated options for organisations and downstream managers to manage quality assurance, regulatory reporting, benchmarking, decision making & policy settings.

Helping facilities and workers better manage risk & compliance

Certified By reduces risk with audit, and certification for disability service providers and their workers. To allow them to measure themselves against, improve and be certified to regulated standards.

We reduce the cost and complexity of managing quality, governance, risk and compliance, allowing managers and workers to provide better care for our elderly.  

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Disclaimer ⚠️

We’ve put our heart and soul into building something to help millions of SMEs & nonprofits around the world.

We’ve done a lot right and made mistakes along the way, cause no one ever said #RegTech was easy.
Rest assured we are leveraging the brightest minds, deepest resources, connected partnerships and hunger for growth, to develop a better product every day for you. 

With that being said… we make no representation that part or all of CertifiedBy’s programs, features or services assures risks will be avoided or managed in a particular way, and we are not liable for any loss whatsoever arising