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FREE assessments with affordable and scalable plans to remediate, improve and certify.

Elevate your experience with the Action Management Module (AMM), Coaching Package and Review + Certify


The AMM takes you to the next level, with smart recommendations, supporting information and helpful resources to guide your remediation and improvement journey.

Per Year


  • 1 x Organisation / 3 x User
  • 2 x Program AMMs
  • Unlimited Assessments
  • Real Time Risk Report
  • Smart Recommendations
  • Helpful Resources
  • Support & Live Chat *
For Organisations committed to remediation and improvement
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+ Coaching

If you’re time, knowledge or resource poor, and keen to move quickly our 4 hour coaching packages help you do just that. Take it “offline” to elevate your understanding.

Per 4 hours


  • Everything in “Program”, plus:
  • 1 x Organisation
  • 4 x Hours Coaching
  • Strategy & Preparation
  • Priorities & KPIs
  • Checks & Balances
  • Accountability
For Organisations in need of a Helping Hand
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+ Review

For organisations looking to evidence their results to stakeholders, a Program Review will be conducted and following successful completion a Certificate of Assessment issued.

Per Year


  • Everything in “Program”
  • Plus:
  • 1 x ML1 Program Review
  • Program Review Report
  • Once Approved…
  • Certificate of Assessment
  • 1 Year Listing on Open Registry
For Organisations in need of a Certificate of Assessment
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We’ve put our heart and soul into building something to help millions of SMEs & nonprofits around the world.

We’ve done a lot right and made mistakes along the way, cause no one ever said #RegTech was easy.
Rest assured we are leveraging the brightest minds, deepest resources, connected partnerships and hunger for growth to develop a better product every day for you. 

With that being said… we make no representation that part or all of CertifiedBy’s programs, features or services assures risks will be avoided or managed in a particular way, and we are not liable for any loss whatsoever arising.